Artwork Guidelines

Here at Upload Printing, we pride ourselves on our excellent facilities and state of the art machinery as well as our expert production and design team. As well as this, our shop staff Ellie and Ben, will be two friendly faces who work with our customers daily to help you place orders and ensure their artwork looks as good as possible when printed or embroidered on garments. Below are a number of key points to consider when placing your order. In order to avoid unnecessary changes, charges and delays with your order and to ensure that you receive the best quality customised garments, please review our artwork guidelines below. If you have any problems with sourcing a high quality file of your logo/design, we offer a redraw service for a minimum of £12.50.


Vector AI files and EPS files

Vector and EPS files are our preferred options when it comes to any kind of printing. Although this is the file type we prefer, we don’t expect you to have these files ready for use, this will not prevent you from proceeding with your order! If you have a JPEG, PNG or TIFF file of your design that is high resolution, our design team would make sure it’s print-ready.
If your logo does not meet our quality and resolution requirements for a high-quality print, we offer a redraw service. This service costs 12.50 per 30 minutes (ex VAT) and will convert your low-resolution image into high-quality vectors.

Creating Vectors

If your logo or artwork includes any text (fonts/typefaces), then these need to be converted into paths or curves depending on the software you have available. By transforming your text into paths or curves, it becomes a graphic, and therefore can’t be changed. Unfortunately, if this isn’t possible and we can’t match your font, we won’t be able to match your artwork.


All files types are accepted as long as the resolution is high quality. For all first time customers there is a £15.50 fee for logos or graphics to be converted into a embroidery format (digitising), this is a one off fee and your embroidered artwork will be held on file for future orders. Embroidery text has a £7 set up fee.


What size can I print my design?

The size of your design and logo will vary depending on which print method you choose or which method we advise that you choose. The maximum width for print is 30cm, and the maximum for embroidery is 25cm. The height of your logo will depend on the width you select.

Where can I print my design?

As for placement, we can print/embroider your design in a range of positions on your garment,  ultimately this will depend on the garment and design you select. Typically, we suggest left or right chest for placement, or across the front chest or back. However our expert team will help you decide the best possible placement once we have seen both the garments and designs.

There may be certain limitations to your design/garments depending on the customisation you select. Certain garments, fabrics and designs can’t be embroidered or screen printed due to colour selections or intricate designs. However we will be on hand to answer any printing questions and help you select the best printing method for you and your designs.

Is my artwork good enough?

So we can ensure your order is the best it can be, we ask that you try and upload the best quality version of your logo or image that you have! We generally ask for files to be 300 DPI, or higher. Unfortunately, if you upload a file that is too low quality to print or embroider, we will either offer a redraw for a fee, or we will contact you and ask for a better quality image. We take care to check every file/image before we print it, to ensure your garments look as good as possible. 

 There is no need to worry about logo transparency, as our expert and professional design team can remove your artwork’s background before production commences. However if your design contains transparent elements, please upload your image with transparent sections to avoid confusion. There are many file formats that support transparency including png, eps and svg.

You are able to upload your image or your logo file to our website or email it to us at We accept the following type of image: PNG. JPEG. SVG. EPS. AI. PSD.

Any further questions?

If you have any further questions or just want to discuss your ideas with our team, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit us in store and one of our friendly team will be happy to help you!